Sunday, September 20, 2009

52 miles and 1330 feet

Another day of riding - it was hot! Next weekend is the Lighthouse Century ride that I'll be doing with J, Michelle and Sharon. Well, that would be 'doing with' in the loose sense in that J and Sharon will be doing one of the harder routes and Michelle and I will ride the flat metric century.

Here are some pics from today's ride.

Really cool medieval looking home

Palace at Versaille... in Los Altos. The door is too shadowed, but it was this elaborate ironwork that covered the ENTIRE entrance. I'm speechless from the excess? gaudiness? Just speechless. It was just bizarre to see such a home being built in this location, in this economy...

And finally, I got to ride over the relatively new bike/pedestrian bridge that crosses over Hwy 280. It is a really pretty bridge and gives a great birds-eye view of the highway.

It was a really busy weekend and its off to work tomorrow!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Red and Aqua complete

Call me an overachiever (these aren't due until Nov 2), but I finished off these squares for my first swap! 25 squares cut into fourths = 100 squares done. All the fabrics were from Joann's selection of fat quarters.

Work in progress - I'm not yet sure how I want to quilt it. So far I've stiched up three quilt tops from the Fall 2009 edition of 'Easy Quilts' magazine. This one is called 'Split Pea Soup'.
And finally, a playmat I've made for my baby niece. (Pattern from onegirl's Etsy store.) I'm hoping this will get out in the mail in at least the next week or so!
So much sewing to do and so little time in a day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Red and Aqua

I'm very excited to be participating in my first quilt block swap, Disappearing 9 Patch Red and Aqua Swap, being hosted by Jane's Fabrics and Quilts.

Here's the prep of the squares:

Quilting has been my addiction for the last month or so. Pics of those projects soon!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

'Wow, Mom, you're a Ninja'

Because this is what we had to traverse for about half-a-mile to get to this spot. And I had to display some ninja-like moves to get there.

We spent a beautiful day fishing at the coast today. Well, they fished, I took pictures and I watched.

A few things were caught, but none were kept.

But it was a beautiful day to be gone fishing.

50 miles - 2500' - 4 hrs

Who does that?

Me, on my bike, yesterday.

If anyone was to ever ask me, 'Hey, how would you like to ride a bike for four hours to go 50 miles while climbing 2500' feet?', my response would be absolutely be 'Umm, right.'

But for some reason, I choose to do this, getting on my bike once a weekend most weekends, and actually enjoy it. Yes, even the climbing (riding uphill).

This was a particularly long ride; some rides are harder than others, especially for someone who is a weekend rider - no mid-week rides for me. And it can be nerve-wracking when you have some jerk in a car/truck/motorcycle whiz by you without slowing down their speed or bothering to slide over even just a tad.

But there is a terrific sense of accomplishment in doing that kind of mileage
in that amount of time,
powered by my own energy.

Pretty cool.